At HRCG, we listen to your ideas, review your projects, advise and help you achieve your goals. We "facilitate" the business relationships you need in order to succeed. Our consultancy department works on tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities between o

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Executive Search

The competition forces you to adapt and enhance the key functions of your business on an ongoing basis. The skills of your prospective employees are becoming increasingly more sophisticated and your recruitment criteria ever more demanding. We are here to support you and to help

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Business Consulting

In the current climate of an international economic crisis, marked by extreme competition between law firms, clients’ loyalty is difficult to maintain. This economic chaos may encourage them to question more easily the relationship with their lawyers, even when that relationship

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Human Relations Consulting

The complexity of the socio-organizational environment and a high degree of pressure is used by Managing Directors. This means that employees are required to perform at a level which creates permanent stress and that may undermine their personal stability.  


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Personal Branding Consulting

The art of persuasion, to capture attention and create an emotional connection, is perceived through our personal and social responsibilities. At HRCG, we have a team of professionals specializing in communication and personal branding, dedicated exclusively to supporting infl

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